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June 21, 1946     Arkansas Catholic
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June 21, 1946

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PACE ,HT THE GUARDIAN, ]UhlE 2i, 1946 A SALUIE TO. 1'40,, ,AMERICA'S MARTYR-SAINTS cores I erant ) ressure Or @ can New York. (N:)--His Eminence 'call of Myron C. Taylor as per- Francis Cardinal Spcllman, Arch- sonal representative ttarry S. bishop of New York, has hit back Truman at the Vatican. at those who by "intolerant pros- Speaking at the 101st annual s_ure" seek to bring about the re- commencement exercises at Ford- Buenos Aires Attacks ham University, the Cardinal dis- missed as "baseless" the argu- ments of Protestant groups who pretend to see a violation of the principle of separation of Church and State and charge that diplo- matic relations between the American Government and the Vatican are unauthorized or un- constitutional. L J____ Lf I I~/~w I/| unheeded Klansmen sowing seeds THEY ARE FLYING MISSIONARIES, First Americans to fly into "the post-war mission field these Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, from" Geneva: Ill.: are Dayton Scales Zack O. gennings, Manager Little Rock Arlama Bed Room, Living Room, Dining Room, D nette, Break- Congratulations fast Room Suits, Occasional Chairs, Rockers, Tables, Mattresses, Odd Dressers, Odd Beds,, Chests, Chifforobes, Novelty Furniture Rand Beverage Company, Inc. Jobbers of EVERYTHING IN FURNITURE 411 w~t 11th WOOL RUGS, FELT BASE RUGS \ Little Rock Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas State Distributors for McCray Refrigevat6rs and McCray Refrigerating Machines for all com- mercial purposes.. Hobart Electric Mixers, Potato Peelers, Slicing] Machines, Choppers, Coffee Mills. 1110 Main Street . RESTAURANT SUPPLIES Little Rock, Arkansas " 818 Main Wholesale Manufacturers of of disunion within Our treasuredPort Washington, N. Y., with their light, twin-engined Buenos Aires. (~) -- Reflectingnation?" the Cardinal asked, ques- plane. They are, Rev. Anthony Gendusa, M. S. C. (left), and the reaction of a great majority tioning the reason of the Protest- Alfred M, Stemper, M. S. C. Both were trained as pilots of Argentinians, the Buenos Aires ant leaders who recently visitedchanics at "Wings of Mercy" School, a Catholic flying daily El Pueblo has come out with the White House to present their at Bellevllle. Ill. Acme. (NC Photos)" a strong criticism of resumption of request for Mr. Tayl0r's recall, diplomatic relations between Ar- gentina and Russia, listing relig- behove m and praet,ce tel- Major Bowes, Radio Tells Britons Of Most Reverend Bernard 3. S.J., Bishop of Patna, India, salutes his fellow Jesuits, Saint ious, political, commercial and erance," the Cardinal said, "for Isaac 3ogues and his companions, who were martyred by the Mohawk Indians 300 years ago at patriotic considerations which it my religion teaches me to o~pose Entertainer And Charitable Work Auriesvllle, N. Y. A nationa'l shrine has been established there and the tercentenary of Jogues' mar- says the Peron government ignored even hatred with charity. But Benefactor, Dies American in taking the action, when reunions of large groups of tyrdom will ,be observed this summer. Born .in Trinidad and raised in Denver, Bishop Sullivan who religious leaders, with the pretext Rumson, N. J. (E)--Major Ed- Manchester, England is in America for the first time In 20 years, pauses at the martyrs' altar in the Church of Saint "The decision taken does not re- of representing 30 or 40 million ward Bowes, son of Irish-born praise for the work of the Francis Xavier, New York (NC Photos) ' fleet the opinion of the majority Americans, sow seeds of dissen-parents, who became international- lic Church in America was of Argentinians who, during the stun and disunion, I 'feel it my ly famous through his radio area- sod in an address before . ~ war, showed themselves clearlyduty as an American and a Cath- ture program and other entertain- persons at the municipal against the imperialistic proceed- olic to help defend our nationment activities, died here after re- here by His Eminence L~ i~u~:m:'eJ. mCam:l:es~, ,u , uA"r:Lu'e~ To ~_.L__ IH_|_.._ &a. ings of nazism, who are against .amer l1aloy 2" 1: all imperialism and who cannot against such misrepresentations." coining the last Rites of the Church Carlinal Griffin, Archbt w~ ~"~/ but view with maximum concern Cooperation of all men of good from His Eminence Francis Card-Westmlnister Ko ers uDserves the events which' are taking place will is needed to stave off the inal Spellman, Archbishop of New "The Chll~"oh in Ar~v4rm ligi th ................. .._ ~ -- . in Europe behind a curtain of reatened ruin of civilization and York. He was 72 years old. marvelous organization and to bring about the reconstruction Major Bowes was the donor of ing grand work r~bt o_ly Lack of Re ous Principles 1Oth Anniversary iron," the daily comments, of the world on the basis of truth a number of the trees that sur- sphere of education, but inI Washington, {E)--Lack of relig-, of America here, and were ........ El Pueblo categorizes its criti- and justice, the Cardinal remind- round St Patrick's Cathedral in type of social wor~ the Car ious and moral principles is the I analyzed in her dissertatmn, ~ogers.--~tev. ~awara ~. naa-. ...... ,, " - ....... ----~ ~,--.clsm oI me renewal or relations primary factor in the artificial I Factors Influencing Fertility," r.~.tY' ~pasmr... ~..o..x ;~, vmeen~.~r ,.~,,~h..fue ram as renews: ........ t) me aecision ignores ~do'os2lth a:h%:a~eent P~reuSim~ent New York. He also gave to St. to!d his audience. "American .{ limitations of families, mothers, ~ which she submitted in obtaining .... ", ........ s"'o, ......... ~, .... " "irrenounceable doctrinal atti- ,,t. ............... ~ ...... ,Patrick's Cathedral the paintin~ ones do not confine their actl' eacl~ of whom has at least five [ her master's degree, ed hm 10th anniversary of hm.or- . . , ....... u~m~ men oz gooa wm mem- ,, . "~ m - tunes oz me ~rgenune ~on- selves." hay eeo~nizsd tho 1~.,~ of The Holy Family w~th St, John ..erely. to those of their children,, have, stated in answer I Other factors which the moth- dmation~ _.,_. ..t__the,, Sacred....,. _ Priesthood..,_,...___ ................ smuuon, me ~amollo unurcn, ana rship" O~ t~:-13ope--fowarcl'that and. St. Elizabeth by Andrea del ~nurcn, nor to American citi to queshona~res. These question- [era blamed for birth control are ..~ -~.^_,....:. :_.. _, o o, ^ _. me ,'~rgen~ine peepte, z) i~ is po- coo.~rati~- ~-~ ,,ha,,o ~o,. ~. barto. In 1939 Villanova College, wne[r great work for the l aires were sent to the mothers, J lack of social and moral respon- u~ ura.~.~s~w.~ u~ o:ou ~.m ....... ~-- " "" "'~' ,'" "~" ~'"* "" "-- - of .......... : ....... hhcally dl-tzmed, being in effect Taylor to the Vat,c~ /as an am-' award ea him an honorary Doctor- ex?:~:r~:u~o~rwng n~ who are all graduates of Catholic l sibility on the part of husband _arAi~h1 uClck~o ~:~h~eera l~a[oae la rebuke at the United States and bassador of ~rood will " he ~4g~e o1: Laws. : , .... -. g me owr colleges, by Miss Margaret. .M" Be- and wife., too high a standard of Only the absence of good will?' , 1 ~ .... dard, of the Cathohc Umversity [living and a pleasure philosophy ~ ~h~ .~.~i~ ~, ...... ~ __~2__~ [England, who are striving to save ,, ' ~'."' , .......... ~- ~,-, ,, v,~,,,,. =,,,,,=- ~.u pr=~en~- I the world from totolitar~o- a;,, ~of life. ed him with a gift After the " ....... " the Cardinal added, "aa ~JsPen- 06me the man-made, .War-mad .... , . . I tatorsh~p, 3) commercially, there iS resent his presefice there or forces of evil," the Cardi~ial said,/|r|sh College In Farm NoW 1~%... ~'1]*..-- D .... .I. I As a means toward encouraging dinner, various game~ were play- l no advantage to be =sinea a~ xav~: ,vaaaaauaa au~tas.a.. -~ ,- . !'lar-erg families the roomers' court- ~dulbeYy, palalsto2e:fo Charles~ dosepn-l~c" ]present's su 1 since demand" exceedswithcharge ...... our last two Presiden~_. ronTheTa late .... President ch0se. "My-_ ,/ *P~-.:..a..~.e xmmmD*'l:'k ~.~.aa~s~a--,,.~L~"~'" *..a 1"~ IT..^.~ ~..t..k~.t--~4. I soled religious instruction on mar Church, F~yettewlle, Ark., was a/Argentina's imr~rt needs oan h~ womung the letter and th~ ymr, an ~pmcopauan of/ ........ .,. ~Jg x- uuu a.~aoeaas~..~..a ~ ~ rio e an" "" " ' PP y as regards exports, and, spirit o~ the Amerfcan Constitu: Quaker ancestry," for one part of I..~ew_. ~ork. {R:}--The n~ . . . I g (1 the family, training in special ~uest Father Maloy's / ..... ,,~: .... -7, tion in keeping him there." th~s mission, the Cardinal said ~ ~msll ~llege in Paris bin( ~L.ollectea in wlay Jself-sacrifice and discipline and ",, . in'anmea Dy ~rienaty nauons, Pr ............... ~x~os mr me eaucauon ox, ' il a proper view regarding children New York. 00--Nearly hve m-J . a~stlpresa:d brr~l~r'cde~en~e:~iwere J4o fe esdress a~na~ ~kot obtained for establishineSmenr "forl~seve~hthe ei m ..... re- ana minions oz .~mericans of all / nrJie;sts durin~ the penal . g ghth hme rehgmus beliefs and their loved JIr~land is now a Polish ~1 lion pounds of canned food have~. The factors of poverty and --- " I g genune envoysm American history, the practice ones, members of the armed/occu ted b former lm tel ..~been~ ........ shh.=ed'nn .~t,~...starvl~..'n g~_~+peopl~:.. / troi t giveS |.neaim,. wmCr~as reasonieaaerSforln birthpractisingCOn " ~LIS~---a.~aa~,|~,l/hi tionsRUSSiawere whenbrokendiplomatiCoff duringrela'the of sending a representative to the . . . , P Y ..... ~v .... ,..,= =o~ ~o~ ~,.,, _ , , Vatican," sought "by friendly as- zorces oz our country, are ever-Jthe Dachau coneentrati~ c~ War Relief Services -- National | corltraceptmn 'are in no small ..... ~ xtussmn ~evomuon,. Cathoiie Welfare Conference from|measure rationalizations," Miss l'earless In Death, I "All 'these circumstances have sociation between the seekers of lastingly grateful for this mis-[ according to the Inter at~ warehouses in New York, it is an- j~.e~.ara s~ates, because "family (~ms.~l~]'o ~:]l Ik.... t not been taken intd account, and right and seeks of peace, to over- stun." J Press Agency here. ;: ~-~a~.~a~a~a o vv aX~L I.P]AUVV,6 Inow we fin-' - " ..... ' !nm~muon ass ~een practises much ~ u oursewes ~acea wire nouneed here by Edward M Kin-~more b ................ ' ~ ~ .~u.~u WhO are no~ poor.Muenster, Westphalia. (E) ~ "I Jan accomplished fact," the news- "=- -.- . "-" -'-- , -~ rmy, national campaign manager|then by those wha .r. mh ....~ wui accep aeath willingly, at anylpaper concludes. "Public opinion __,_~e Food for Children Cam-lreason for voluntary infertility, time, in anyplace, in any fashion, { may be the Judge, even though p~ugz~ ~..~e~,Dr, conouc~eo, on a na-/ in the case of great numbers, as as it pleases God." I/t cannot change the course of Congratulations to Bishop Morris on his 54th Annlv vsary .~on-w~ae DasLs m ~amonc par-|far as economics is concerned, has mh~ ;~ ,h ..... ;.. ~.~ ..... :_ levents The future will tell what runes unaer me auspmes of War |been luxurious living." she adds the'last'wiilo~'e"ma~r~o~'un~ [the conseqences will be." Frank J. Erhart Howard Eidmabamn John A. Rauda Relief Service---N.C,W,C. ~ " wavering courage left Hitler, Him- ] - : : = ~ Some 15,000 parishes in the[ mler and the Gestapo afraid tol~ .... United States participated in the [ Mexican Parish Gave act against him. It is an expres- J rsogota to nave campaign, which opened May 12 / Medical Aid To 6 sion of fearlessness of death con- / Epic Stakes in response to the pleas by His 1 . , tained in the testament of a man l ........... csooom, t;momoia ,r~---As~atue EICHENBAUM alld RAUCH : ~odness Pope Pins xII, President| ~v~exico City. (E)--The medical who m the stronghold of naz sm]of the Blessed "Virain ~r .... -Truman, Herbert I-Ioover and UN-|dispensary of Holy Spirit pl~r|sh remained its relentless and out-i,,r ..... ' "" ..... " ERHART RRA Director Fiorello H LaGuar- provided service to 5,000 adt~lt~ ........ / lvanng the statue of Christ on ~'~ ~'--,;,~' ........ : ..... /and 1,500 children during 1945, |t ~n:~lj~l~lneT:~sB~g~o:~o~ua-~ Mt.,,Corcovado in Rm de Janeire ol.. ~'re.,,,,.,,.~ -cvu~ ~rom m-/has been annou----' '---- '~,-- oeesan campaign d i r e c t o r s/. nceu herr. x.v - " ~ P "/bay is tobe erectedon Gua DS~r .. - oispensary, whick opened a now | throughout the nation indicate that.~annex recently is cn-n,,^+An ' " /aalupe hill overlooking Bogota, ~he prelate expres~l the hope |the weekly El Catholicismo has 30,000,000 cans of food were do-I d "" ~ ......... ~ Uh- that he would "die a faithful, child |disclosed here, er me sponsorsh~ o noted in the Drive. Shipments are [ 'P f the Mexi- oemg made to Europe and the.Far I can Catholic Women's Union w~th of Holy Mother Church," and ~n~ 1 .... - ~.. East as rapidl$ i~s ~hips become~the cooperation of Catholic" p'h'~[ plored the Blessed Vtrgin to "in-I .... . .... available. . /sicians, ': ..... " ' " ' ' L ' tercede on my behalf for a happy I New Christian ~,, death," according to thewill uub- t ~ .... , , : .... ' . .... , ~lished in Kirche und Leben: r" I ~rmers rrwncml ? Cardinal also asked the faithful to |who is attending the general chap- A R C H ] T E T S "pray. for my uoor soul" and re-]ter of the Christian Brothers , [~ quested them "not to remember J here, has been appointed Pro- . IdBuilding . i ,,~ ' Congratu]a~pll~ :,*~...j [ X,: slights or injustices that I may/vincial of the New York and New have caused them,. . for which,, I I England province of the Christiort. P arn heartily beg the//" pardon, lBrothers, it has been anno~e.#-d " .............. ~ ..... " R~ck , , Arkansas" .... Coffee & SpiFletcher ceC.o ~ ,- MILLER'.SCHOP ~U~E"/"~ g]tth LittleSock ansas '" " Jlll MstDisth' V- Res a ' th rkansas " : "" ": .... - ,I" " Litde Arkansas .... ii '"'" ' ' ' t"- - L,ttle Furn,ture M!g.,.u. JENNINGS , ~, DIXIE EQUIPMENT